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It was a period unparalleled in history.  Radio segued into television and Hollywood celebrated its Golden Age.  Leading the way was radio announcer Ralph Edwards, a man with a big voice and an even bigger heart, who went on to develop some of the most innovative and best-loved entertainment programs to be broadcast over the American airwaves.  A visionary in both radio and television, he pushed the boundaries of programming and production, developing new formats, new genres and new techniques to appeal to an ever-changing audience.

Ralph Edwards went on the air in 1940 and, along with his production company, has never left it.  At least one Ralph Edwards’ show has been on radio or television every year for the past 65 - a feat unmatched in Hollywood.  We pioneered cause marketing, making community outreach a pivotal part of our corporate culture long before the phrase was coined.  With three Emmy® Awards, two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and dozens of programs woven deeply into the fabric of American entertainment, Ralph Edwards - the man and the company - has achieved an incredible legacy.

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