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"People are the stars of our shows." - Ralph Edwards

Ralph Edwards Productions (REP) has made an enduring impact on television, producing some of the longest running shows in TV history with hits like This Is Your Life and Truth or Consequences. Since its beginning in 1940, the company has had at least one program on the air in any given year - a Hollywood record. Beginning in 1981, the joint Ralph Edwards/Stu Billett Productions banner has produced audience favorites such as The People’s Court, Bzzz!, Superior Court, Love Stories and Family Medical Center. In 1996, REP launched a family film division, releasing the animated holiday favorite Annabelle’s Wish as the debut offering. The 2005 release of a special This Is Your Life compilation DVD brings REP programming full circle, using modern technology to repackage classic shows for a multi-generational audience.

Here are highlights from some of our most memorable programs:


Ralph Edwards Programming
The People's Court
This Is Your Life (classic)
Annabelle's Wish
Name That Tune
Truth or Consequences
It Could Be You
Other Shows of Note


The first collaboration between Ralph Edwards and producer Stu Billett. Judge Marilyn Milian currently presides over the show that launched the entire reality television courtroom genre. The People’s Court is a one-hour nationally syndicated program featuring real litigants … real cases … real justice. The first judge, Joseph A. Wapner, presided over the Court for 12 years.

Syndication  1981-1994 - 5/week
USA Cable  1995-1997 - 5/week
Syndication  1997-present - 5/week

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This classic show was the precursor of today’s reality TV, profiling guests, both famous and unknown, through on-air remembrances by family and friends. Created by host Ralph Edwards, the show began on radio in 1948 and was expanded to television in 1952. Known for its human interest and philanthropy, TIYL raised the equivalent of more than $26 million in current dollars for charitable causes. TIYL began a global run on England’s BBC in 1955 and has since aired around the world.

For more information about the show or to purchase the DVD, please visit - www.ThisIsYourLife.com

NBC and CBS Radio  1948-1950
NBC TV  1952-1961
Syndication  1971-1973; 1983-1984
NBC TV Specials  1981;1987;1993
ABC TV Specials  2006

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This heartwarming animated children’s fantasy follows the adventures of a calf named Annabelle and her best friend, a seven-year-old boy named Billy, who doesn’t speak.  According to farm legend, Santa Claus gives animals the gift of speech on Christmas Day, and young Annabelle uses her voice to wish that Santa would let her be a reindeer for a day.  The film features the voices of Randy Travis, Jerry Van Dyke, Rue McClanahan, Jim Varney, Cloris Leachman and James Lafferty.

Fox Television Special  1997
Video/DVD  1997
Fox Family  1998; 2000; 2001
ABC Family  2002

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Name That Tune was the most popular music identification game ever with contestants competing for a grand prize of $100,000.00, the biggest offered at the time. Well-known games included “Bid A Note,” “Melody Roulette” and the “Golden Medley.” At various times the show was hosted by Tom Kennedy in syndication and Dennis James in a daytime version, with John Harlan as announcer. Featured singers included Kathie Lee Johnson (later Kathie Lee Gifford), who made her first TV appearance on the show, and Steve March, son of Mel Torme. The program was created by Harry Salter and produced by Ralph Edwards Productions. 

NBC Daytime  1974-1975; 1977 - 5/week
Syndication 1974-1981 - weekly

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Ordinary people went brain to brain with celebrities in TV’s most entertaining game of wits. The series was created by Jerry Payne and produced by Ralph Edwards Productions (REP).  During its five-year run, announcers included Jerry Bishop, John Harlan and model Jeni Fiala. 

Syndication  1975-1980 - 5/week

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One of entertainment’s longest-running game shows, Truth or Consequences aired for 38 consecutive years on radio and television.

TorC is credited with a number of entertainment “firsts”: it was the first TV program regularly filmed live before an audience on 35mm film, using the still-popular multiple camera technique; the first to go out of the studio to produce remote stunts; the first to stage surprise reunions; the first audience participation program to win an Emmy® Award; and the first series to combine entertainment with a greater cause.  TorC raised more than a billion dollars (in today’s dollars) for the March of Dimes®, the American Heart Association® and many other worthy causes. 

Over the years, hosts included creator and producer Ralph Edwards, Jack Bailey, Steve Dunne, Bob Barker, Bob Hilton and Larry Anderson. 

CBS Radio  1940
NBC Radio  1940-1950
NBC TV  Specials  1941 (on the first day of commercial TV in the US); 1949 (two specials)
CBS Radio  1950-1951
CBS TV  1950-1951
NBC Radio  1951-1957
NBC TV  1954-1965
Syndication  1966-1978; 1987-1988

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This elaborate audience participation show “framed” audience members in advance by discreetly acquiring humorous or poignant anecdotal information about them before the show. Created by Ralph Edwards, the series ran five years on NBC

NBC Daytime  1956-1961 - 5/week
NBC Primetime  1958-1961 - weekly (with announcer Wendell Niles)



Whether putting a new spin on old favorites or introducing new formats to meet emerging market needs, Ralph Edwards Productions is continually broadening our reach to deliver proprietary content to new generations of viewers.  The following shows were short-lived, but long-lasting in appeal.


About Faces
This audience participation program challenged picked-from-the-audience contestants to recognize the faces of celebrities and people in the news.   Ben Alexander hosted the show, with announcer Tom Kennedy, during the show’s one-year run.

ABC TV  1960-1961 - 5/week


Ralph Edwards Productions, in association with Stu Billett Productions, entered the popular dating show arena with Bzzz!.  This year-long show was hosted by Annie Wood.

Syndication  1996-1997 - 5/week


This game show format pitted three contestants against each other to identify which of four listed items was out of place.  The show was created by Mark Maxwell-Smith, hosted by Arte Johnson and announced by Jay Stewart.  The format was successfully revamped by the BBC as Odd One Out in 1983.

NBC TV  1977-1978 - 5/week


Superior Court 
This courtroom drama was patterned after The People’s Court, with a notable exception - this story-driven version featured scripted re-enactments of actual trials.  Produced in association with Stu Billett Productions and announced by Chuck Riley, the show aired three seasons in syndication.

Syndication  1986-1989 - 5/week


Love Stories
This romantic reality show featured couples that were interviewed individually to tell their versions of how they met and the events that led up to a break-up. At the end of the episode, the host told viewers which couple ultimately got back together, and which split permanently. Love Stories was hosted by Days of our Lives star Kristian Alfonso and was produced in association with Stu Billett Productions.

NBC-TV 1991-1992 - 5/week


Family Medical Center
Set in a doctor's office, this daytime show featured dramatized stories of medical emergencies. The cast included Lauren Woods, Sheila Wills, Wortham Krimmer, Eileen Conn, and Matti Leshem, along with announcer Chuck Riley. Produced in association with Stu Billett Productions.


Syndication 1988-1989 - 5/week


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